Through our access to prestigious school brands and our proprietary research in international markets, we tailor sound investment solutions for global investors.



Since February 2020, in communities worldwide—when uncertainty attacked markets—volatility was dampened by governments and central bank stimulus packages. Education stayed true to its origins, with governments, schools, and charities all adapting to ensure that it continued. While the sector has accepted changes, the foundation of children attending school has never been tested so rigorously; proving essential to children’s education and development.

East Eight is perfectly positioned to work alongside Investors to access the education investment market. Alongside our crucial brand partners, we evaluate investment opportunities based on future demand, the emergence of middle classes, and affordability across markets such as the Americas, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Asia.

Beyond initial investments in

education brands, we:

Work with investors seeking to acquire schools or provide management expertise through its educational team to understand and provide management support.

Guide investors to brands that align with their personal values or help them to build new brands founded on their philosophies.

Work with investors and brands to develop their shared vision, ethos and values—ensuring for the 21st century and beyond.

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