School Brands

East Eight works closely with high-profile School brands who have the same vision as we do in regards to exceptional education for everyone.

At East Eight continue to develop and build trusting relationships with new and existing School brands to support them to grow internationally in harmony with their mission.

Our team brings a wealth of expertise providing you as the investor with the insurance that you as the investor can explore school brands that are in synergy with your own unique vision.

Licensing & Franchising

If your School brand is well recognised and has enough equity, then licensing out your product or service may be the answer. Allowing licensees to sell your product/system allows you to generate income from their sales, with low cost involved in the initial set up and a highly leveraged operation that can be repeated.

Franchising offers a slightly different spin on the idea of licensing. With low investment and potential high revenue from motivated schools, this suits schools requiring less control over auxiliary operations.

Market Demand

Our team of market analysis experts have and continue to identify educational market demand globally.

With a recent shift in the global economy and political reasons, we have discovered that current or future international student’s parents would prefer their children to study in their home country providing that the School brand, curriculum and level of education offered was the same of that abroad.

This not only provides a solution for a challenge that many parents are faced with, but also provides opportunities for students to have the opportunity to study abroad too.

Funding this type of expansion adequately requires careful planning to avoid unsustainable costs or overstretched commercial capacity. East Eight offers a full solution….


English Medium International Schools in 2000


English Medium International Schools in 2019

New Markets, Competition and Innovation

Many small companies fail because they do not provide a good enough reason for a person to switch from their current supplier to the new product or service. If you’re struggling with tight competition and an undifferentiated proposition, then expanding into new markets may be the answer.

Expanding into new markets can help your business establish a presence in locations where there is a particular need for your product or service. This can help to reduce the effect of saturation and tough competition in your existing market.

If you’re looking to stay within your existing market, a move to a larger premises or additional locations may increase your production capacity and help you drive away your competitors.

Growth can also take the form of innovation. Investing in the redevelopment or enhancement of your offering can differentiate you from your competitors and increase your chances of continued success.

Growing your business helps to establish a stronger brand identity, further helping to stave off competition. Franchising, licensing your products and services or expanding into carefully chosen new product areas allows you to spread your brand. As the number of locations and products increases, your brand identity develops, and your revenue grows.

Increase Stability

As businesses grow, they tend to become more stable. A one person business with limited streams of revenue is much less stable than a business with multiple locations and dozens of people on staff.

This stability is also partly due to the way your business is perceived. As your business grows, people believe that you are more likely to be around throughout the lives of their products to supply spare parts and honour guarantees. If you grow your business you are likely to sell more products and services to this market segment.

Expanding your operations across different markets and locations also spreads your concentration risk from market fluctuations and downturns. As does broadening your supply base.